Sunday, November 27, 2016

Nationwide Concealed Carry, Gun Free Zones and Legalized Marijuana in Nevada

As many of you know, President elect Donald Trump has already made a couple of promises to us 2nd Amendment folks.

The first is support of a nationwide concealed carry permit and the second is the elimination of ‘gun free’ zones.

This is certainly music to our ears BUT there are many challenges to both and it won’t nearly be as simple as you think.

Let’s address the first one, A Nationwide Concealed Carry License
Many of us would like to see a concealed carry license similar to drivers license where we can drive across the country and not worry about carrying in a state that doesn’t recognize our permit. 

Carrying concealed in a state that doesn’t recognize our permit would be a felony offense and can be a very serious crime. Take Maryland for example. They are very strict

I believe in the protection of our families, ourselves and others’ in our charge and I completely support a nationwide concealed carry permit!

A problem with standards: A LOT of states have training standards that differ significantly from each other. 

Let’s look at the standards for just three states: Nevada, Utah, and Illinois. 

Nevada: Mandated 8-hour training course that includes gun safety, review of Nevada law, and a scored live fire.

Utah: Mandated gun safety, handgun familiarization, and review of Utah law. No live fire required and the class can be only 4 hours long.

Illinois: Mandated 16-hour training course, a valid FOID card, live fire qualification and review of Illinois law.

The problem will be how to come up with a nationwide standard qualification course similar to a drivers license. Across the country, all states have developed driving requirements that closely match each other but that is not the case with concealed carry permits.
It can be done but many people have already commented that the U.S. Government should not be in charge of that.

Gun Free Zones
While I agree that gun free zones are simply ‘killing zones’, (I don't go there!) many educational institutions and private businesses make, and have so for a long time, their own rules and regulations on the carry of concealed weapons on their properties. They are not mandated by state law and in many states and they never have. 

Schools especially have always had full control in this area. 

In light of recent school shootings, we are now beginning to see many schools nationwide not only easing up on that restriction, but allowing their teachers to carry concealed. We don’t hear about it in the media because they ‘keep it hidden and they keep it quiet’. And even some states (Texas for example) has enacted a state law to allow their valid concealed carriers the ability to carry without the permission of the school! By the way, with a Utah permit, not only can you carry on the grounds of any school in Utah, you can carry inside the school!

In Nevada, it is stated in state law that you cannot carry a concealed weapon on the grounds of any educational institution unless you get permission. In effect, this is a conditional law and not a mandated law like driving drunk. There are no conditions which allow you to drive drunk, it is always illegal. 

For President elect Donald Trump to ‘do away with gun free zones’, he’s going to have a huge struggle on his hands when it comes to certain areas and private property.

In light of Donald Trump’s message of elimination gun free zones for our military, on November 23rd a directive was issued by the Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert Work stating base commanders ‘may grant permission’ to department personnel who ask to carry a privately owned firearm “for a personal protection purpose not related to performance of an official duty or status.” 

The rule extends to openly carried or concealed weapons. It’s a start, but it does not go as far as the blanket authorization that Donald Trump would like to see.

The five military recruiters killed at a Navy Reserve center in Chattanooga, Tennessee should have never gone down without the ability to defend themselves!

Lastly, Legalized Marijuana in Nevada
As of January 1, 2017, It will be legal to possess, grow, and smoke marijuana in Nevada.

A problem for concealed carry permit holders just like in other states that have legalized pot will be if you are caught under the influence of marijuana.

From what I’ve read, ALL states that have legalized pot will take your concealed carry permit away if they find you have been under the influence.

The reason they will revoke your permit is it’s not legal federally.

Utah, just like Nevada has medically legal marijuana but in state law, they will revoke your permit if they find you have a medical marijuana card. It is the same here in Nevada.

I was told by Metro, IF they find out you have a medical marijuana card they will revoke your permit. And that's IF.

Many people (myself included) can use marijuana (over the poisonous prescription meds, thank you very much) for pain relief, to reduce seizures, for anxiety and a host of other ailments. 

Many of you know of the medical problems I’ve had including three major surgeries over two and a half years culminating in a 15-hour surgery over two days. I can't tell you in enough words how debilitating that was.

A few years ago, my doctor told me to consider using marijuana for the extreme pain I was experiencing (10+ pain events). I told him with the business I was in, I simply could not...unless I left it behind.

OK, how would they find out?

  • If you are driving and are under the influence of marijuana and the police detain and test you, they’ll find out.
  • If the police are dispatched to your home even under a defensive situation and they find out you are using, they’ll find out.
  • If you are not under the influence but you have some marijuana on you (legal) and you are stopped by police, they’ll find out.

You can see where I’m going with this. 

There can be a multitude of situations where authorities can find out you are using pot. Key point, make sure you don’t put yourself in a position where police won’t find out.

Am I telling you to evade police? Well, yeah. I believe in the medicinal benefits of marijuana and excuse me, but how much more dangerous is that as compared to alcohol???

My doctor, who is the director of the facility he manages told me a few years back, “If you told me 20 years ago that pot was a drug that helped your condition, I would have told you you’re full of it and that you just want to get stoned. But now with all the research and the irrefutable evidence that shows just how beneficial it is to so many people, I believe it would be a real benefit to many, many people” including yourself. 

I told him thanks, but that will have to wait for another time.

Any questions?

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